Healthy ICSI foals are born!

Healthy ICSI foals are born! We are pleased to receive messages of happy breeders. People like Sylvia Zandvliet, breeder and owner of ‘Legende van Nieuwland’, a special filly who was produced with ICSI at our Equine Fertility Centre. This successful ICSI-project is a collaboration between Sylvia’s Stal Nieuwland and the Groninger Studbook, a rare breed in Holland. They choose to use ICSI to increase the population of the Groninger horses. This filly is sired by the Groninger stallion Lancelot van Bascal and is bred out of the Groninger mare Bertha. Good luck with Legende and hopefully there will be more Groninger foals born, a mission in which ICSI can be very useful.


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